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Things to do

Sport Fishing

Neuquén province is considered a true fly fishing paradise, and has become one of the most renowned places for this activity worldwide. Two basins stand out for the amount of Salmonidae they contain: in the south, Limay River basin, and in the north, Neuquén River basin.

Tourist Destinations

North of Neuquén

In a mountain space, occupied in a great proportion by the transitional Andes Mountain Range and Viento (wind) Mountain Range, lies a tourist area called “Patagonia of Valleys and Volcanoes”, where everything is magic and adventure…
This area is constituted by the towns of Las Ovejas, Huinganco, Andacollo, Tricao Malal, Barrancas, El Cholar, Chos Malal, El Huecú, Varvarco, Buta Ranquil and Manzano Amargo. It lies approximately 1,000 miles away from Buenos Aires, and more than 250 miles from Neuquén Capital City

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